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Intro to the Sega Genesis

Growing up as an Atari fanatic, I didn't own a Sega Genesis until the Summer of 2012. When the NES came out, I was lured by the hype and bought one as soon as I could find a store that had one in stock. Similar to my earlier days of the Atari 2600, I couldn't afford to buy games for 2 consoles so I happily ramped up my collection of NES titles. As time progressed and I had more disposable income, I took the Saturn leap and began to finally get into Sega hardward.

Sega Genesis - Technical Specifications

The Sega Genesis, also known as Sega Mega Drive, is a fourth-generation video game console developed and produced by Sega. It was originally released in Japan in 1988 as Mega Drive, then in North America in 1989 as Sega Genesis, and in Europe, Australia and other PAL regions in 1990 as Mega Drive. The reason for the two names is that Sega was unable to secure legal rights to the Mega Drive name in North America. The Sega Genesis is Sega's third console and the successor to the Sega Master System with which it has backward compatibility when the separately sold Power Base Converter is installed.

The Sega Genesis was the first of its generation to achieve notable market share in continental Europe and North America, where it competed against a wide range of platforms, including both dedicated gaming consoles and home computer systems. Two years later, Nintendo released the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, and the competition between the two would dominate the 16-bit era of video gaming. The console began production in Japan in 1988 and ended with the last new licensed game being released in 2002 in Brazil. The Sega Genesis was Sega's most successful console; though Sega has never released a total sales figure quote. Several add-ons were created including the Sega CD and Sega 32X which extended its capabilities.

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Sega Genesis
Sega Genesis
Sega Genesis
Sega Genesis

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