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Coming to grips with the demise of Disney Infinity

Disney has so many great IPs, characters, and stories to draw upon... how could they deem Disney Infinity a loss and walk away? They'd just released the Star Wars Playsets in the wake of the new Star Wars film. Isn't that a guaranteed money-maker? I guess not.

Coming to grips with the demise of Disney Infinity

Coming to grips with the demise of Disney Infinity

Second to chronologically come to market with a Toy-To-Life game, Disney Infinity held a lot of promise because of the amazing IPs they own. I was excited to see Nightmare Before Christmas, Marvel, and Star Wars take Infinity in bold directions.

Instead, they closed it down and walked away. How Can Disney not make money on a Star Wars game?

When you step into the financial world of an empire as large as Disney, who knows what oddities exist. There are a lot of reasons why they may have wanted to leave the video game arena as developers, however, why close Infinity? Why not license it out or sell it? It seems odd to shutter the game rather than find a way to continue it via outsourcing or sale.

I get flack from Infinity fans who are obsessed with the Toy Box. I didn't really like it. Maybe I didn't approach it correctly, but I was never able to make anything spectacular with it. It just never appealed to me. My love of Infinity (modest, at best) was with the characters and being able to play them in their own worlds via Playsets.

Neither Candace Flynn or Ferb made the Infinity cut

I was surprised they waited so long to release Star Wars, but tying it in with The Force Awakens makes sense. From the beginning with their initial release, Disney was so erratic about releasing figures. I'm angry about the NBX treatment.

They released Jack Skellington and that was it - no more NBX figures! I'm sure there was a reason - I hope - but it seemed a strange way to treat fans. The same was true for Phineas & Ferb - no Ferb figure or Playset.

It was this random release (and non release) of figures and playsets that was so frustrating. What if they released Luke for the Original Star Wars, but didn't release Leia or Vader. That's the sort of thing they did with Infinity 1. This experience really turned me off to the franchise and I didn't buy 2.0.

I'm glad I bought 3.0, but I only did so because of Star Wars. That franchise seemed like it would have endless possibilities, but now they've pulled the plug on the whole game. Out of disgust, I've not been following the articles about Infinity lately, but I hope they can salvage is via licensing or sale to a third party.

Despite the randomness of the IPs they chose to release, I think it could have had a lot more potential. So, I hope Infinity comes back in some form. It was fun to have several games available via the Playset pieces being place on the Station. Perhaps we'll have to wait and see who comes along to make the next Disney game... although I guess it won't be in the same vein as Infinity.

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