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Pokemon Go suggests you re-examine your financial advisor's strategic knowhow

After the massive influx of Pokemon fans flocked to Pokemon Go... and then left, the interned reacted with high praise and then a predictable doom & gloom when the millions of new players weren't instantly converted into devout Pokemon Trainers. But how many of you were told to buy Nintendo stock by traders who didn't know Niantic created the app for The Pokemon Company!?!

Pokemon Go suggests you re-examine your financial advisor's strategic knowhow

Pokemon Go suggests you re-examine your financial advisor's strategic knowhow

The massive engagement with Pokemon Go saw millions of downloads and spurred companies to re-evaluate the success potential of mobile gaming platforms. From gaming-centric websites to the local evening newscast, Pokemon Go was on everyone's radar... even investors. In fact, many investors bought Nintendo stock not realizing Pokemon Go was not their creation.

That is an astounding failure of an industry focused on such nuances! The wrong company? Investors didn't bother to check who made the game? Investments were made on an assumption?

If that many financial advisors and brokers were racking up commissions for buying the wrong stock, doesn't that suggest they are largely incompetent? Nintendo only has a minority share in The Pokemon Company who worked with Niantic to develop Pokemon Go.

I've always thought the stock market was a risky venture best suited to those who can afford to lose large sums of money. However, many investors are just regular people trying to build for their future. It's sad that traders in advisory roles are so ill informed - and stupid.

The massive spike in Nintendo stock sales clearly shows a large number of investment advisors are just plain dumb. As usual, this fail will be ignored and people will continue to be ripped off by ignorant greedy financial institutions employing morons.

There seems to be more online interest in the now-waning number of Pokemon Go players. With the massive influx of players, it's only natural that there would be a large fall-off of players. I'm sure many were simply curious to see what all the fuss was about. The hardcore fans will continue to play, but to think a mobile game suddenly converted the masses to spending their days catching Pokemon is naive, at best.

I've never been a fan of the Pokemon franchise, until this past Summer, when I too was swept up in the frenzy, and decided to join my son in playing Pokemon Omega Ruby on my 2DS. We had a good time together trading Pokemon via Local Play and I've come to enjoy the Pokemon game franchise, but the mobile game never appealed to me. I don't want to be shot on someones front lawn over an AR creature.

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