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Nintendo fans are dreaming up awesome innovations for the upcoming Switch game console

Releasing a trailer is a fairly obscure way to reveal info about an upcoming game console, but in the wake of Nintendo's first attempt at revealing the NX come some interesting ideas.

Nintendo fans are dreaming up awesome innovations for the upcoming Switch game console

Nintendo fans are dreaming up awsome innovations for the upcoming Switch game console

As fans parsed patent filings, desperate to seek info about Nintendo's NX console many gamers were eager to hear from Nintendo themselves. Rather than an official statement or gathering with a follow-up Q&A session, they sent a trailer. Behold the Switch.

Hollywood loves trailers. They intricately weave snippets together until they feel they've delivered enough footage to compel movie goers to go to the movies. I try to avoid movie trailers as they often misrepresent the films they claim to represent.

However, I couldn't take that route with the Switch trailer - I had to see it... several times. Primarily we learned it's actual name, visual design, and basic function. Never satisfied with what we're given, fans delved into the trailer and pulled out information frame by frame.

Folks have speculated the docking station houses a disc-mech for Wii U games. The portable unit contains a projector. The tablet has a touch-screen. It will be available in a variety of color schemes. 3DS games fit in the tablet's cart slot. It will be great. It will suck. Yeah, we won't have too many answers until Nintendo wants us to.

Nintendo has already come out to say the Switch is not backward compatible with any systems, it's a single-screen experience, and the tablet has a touch screen. Even Nintendo see the value in steering our idiocy to a certain extent.

Dreaming of a Better Switch

I'm more interested in what I'll call "wish list" items. Dreamers have proposed a few gems as opposed to those desperate to validate their cravings from a single frame in the trailer.

Custom Joy-Cons
The controller, called a Joy-con, comes in 2 halves that attach to form a controller for play on the TV or attach to the tablet for portable use. What if games shipped with a title-specific controller? Gamers would swap out the right-hand Joy-con for a custom one. A FPS game might have a trigger to further simulate a weapon firing. Fishing games could have a rod and reel feel. Any Game could come with an array of specific controls to enhance game play.

From dials, discs, and trackballs - the possibilities are endless! Even branding with simple labels for controls might be possible and set titles apart. This complicates cost and distribution, but I know a few retro gamers who prefer physical copies of games over downloads. I wouldn't expect all games to follow this route, but some of the more prominent titles could use this to further generate buzz.

Non-Portable Console Model
Toward a console's demise, there is often a "reduced" version at a lower price. What if that concept was placed early in the life cycle to introduce a more affordable model geared toward living room players. Not everyone needs portability and the added cost of the tablet. Nintendo could create a home model!

I've heard a lot of gamers wanting just the tablet (portable ) portion, but as a retro gamer who loves games on a big TV, I want a home-only version! :)

Such a variant would have the guts of the Switch tablet placed in what is now the dock - giving it a traditional game console design. The Joy-Con would be the same, allowing the addition of accessories that would also work with the tablet on the standard model.

Nintendo has indicated there is more to be revealed, but they may be holding back - again - to shorten the time-to-market where competitors might seek to copy an element of the new console.

I'm more excited about the Switch, having let a few days go by after first seeing the trailer and reading some online opinions. I'm primarily a home console gamer, but have come to love many facets of the 2/3DS. It will be interesting to see how traditional console games fare in "portable surroundings".

I guess the real question is- can I afford a Switch in March if I get a PS4 Pro for Christmas?

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