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Intro to the Atari Jaguar

Atari Jaguar

I still remember my excitement when I heard an Atari console would be released to the public. The 64-bit craze was in full swing as manufacturers claimed their consoles were genuine 64-bit while competitors were not. I didn't care - I wanted a new Atari!

A buddy and I skipped out of work long enough to hit up Nobody Beats the Wiz (remenber them? a now-defunct electronics retailer in the Metro NY area), since Crazie Eddie had gone under in 1989, long enough to score a Jaguar. We drove back to the office and opened it up to drool over it's Atari beauty.

Atari Jaguar - Technical Specifications

The Atari Jaguar was a video game console released by Atari Corporation in 1993, it would be the last to be marketed by Atari. It was designed to surpass the Mega Drive/Genesis and the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in processing power. It was in competition with 3DO and later consoles that made up the Fifth generation of video game consoles. The console was first released in selected U.S. cities in November 1993, and the rest of the country in early 1994. Although it was promoted as the first 64-bit gaming system, the Jaguar proved to be a commercial failure and prompted Atari to leave the home video game console market. Despite its commercial failure, the Jaguar has a dedicated fan base that produces homebrew games, making the console a cult classic.

Images of the Atari Jaguar

Atari Jaguar box
Atari Jaguar console with Cartridge inserted
Atari Jaguar controller - front view
Atari Jaguar game cartridge

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Atari Jaguar users guide owners manual

Atari Jaguar User's Guide
All those difficult connection issues demystified. Even integrating it with your VCR! ... but where's the Color/B&W switch?? ;)

Our List of Top 10 Atari jaguar Games

  1. Tempest 2000
  2. Wolfenstein 3D
  3. Defender 2000
  4. Alien VS Predator
  5. Raiden
  6. Trevor McFur in the Crescent Galaxy
  7. Cybermorph
  8. Missile Command 3D
  9. Doom
  10. Val D'isÚre Skiing and Snowboarding

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