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January 2014 Retro Gaming Article

January 15, 2014 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Flatscreen TVs may resemble picture frames, but Bush still makes TV Stands- Atari Carts?

When I came across this image of a Bush TV Game Cart box, a chill ran through me. I felt like I was peering into a portal to my past - a world where one could buy a cart designed specifically to organize your Atari or Intellivision console and games. What a great time that was as we watched the 80s explode into a decade of blatant excess.

Can you imagine the ride home from the store with this cart in the back of Mom's station wagon. Every twist in the road makes you turn to ensure it's secure back there. You and your Dad assemble the cart. And then... then you put your 2600 on it and as you put your carts on the top shelf, you HAVE TO play a game. Good times ensue...

Bush Model G 800 TV Game Cart for Atari or Intellivision Bush Model G 800 TV Game Cart for Atari or Intellivision, circa 1980.
Bush Segments TV Stand Bush Segments TV Stand, available in 2014.

I guess this cart came to market before mid '82 since there is no mention of Colecovision compatibility :)

Bush Model G 800 TV Game Cart for Atari or Intellivision Purely on a lark, I contacted the folks at Cymax who seem to have a division of home entertainment furniture under the name, Bush. I've asked if the Bush line of TV Stands are the same lineage as the Game Cart above. They'll likely think I'm insane.

I'd love to find out that this is the same Bush that formerly made the venerable G 800 TV Game Cart for Atari & Intellivision!

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