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November 2014 Retro Gaming Article

November 12, 2014 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Flappy Bird has certainly made the rounds and has been released for the Atari 2600... on a cartridge

If you've followed the Flappy Bird phenomenon, you'll recall it's quick rise to fame and fortune (for the developer) and then disappeared just as quickly under somewhat peculiar circumstances. After it was removed from both Apple and Android sites, having a copy of Flappy Bird on your phone was a status symbol of sorts.
Flappo Bird for the Atari 2600
Developers reacted accordingly and released dozens of clones featuring other birds, animals, Sesame Street characters, and Miley Cyrus among others. in the midst of the Flappy Bird idiocy, clones were released for a variety of retro platforms.

Naturally, I was delighted to see Flappo Bird for the Atari 2600, earlier this year, along with several other platforms like the Vectrex. The original was frustrating and fun in a way that compelled people to keep playing despite. I loved that this odd game took on a life of it's own as it became ported to several retro platforms.

Flappy for Atari 2600 in cartridge Format

Flappy for the Atari 2600 Michael Haas created this version of Flappy Bird for the Atari VCS. This version has added some nice details including a city scape and fluffy clouds. The bird has also been refined. The best part of this release is that it's on a cartridge (in NTSC and PAL60 formats), with a manual!

This version was released as a ROM around February (I believe), but this announcement is about the recent cart release. There is mention of a Flappy box in the forum, but no specific mention on the ordering page, so I'm not sure if it ships with a box or not.

Flappo Bird was released around February which was the perfect time as mobile gamers were in a tizzy that Flappy Bird had been removed from the app stores. Clones abounded, but the ones for retro consoles and computers warmed my heart because the notion was funny, but the intention was genuine!

This cartridge release really adds something unique to a 2600 collection. The game is as frustrating as the original mobile app, but it's a unique tribute to the Atari 2600. The whole odd tale of Flappy Bird's rise and demise is commemorated in a real Atari VCS cartridge game. Gotta love that!

Flappy for the Atari 2600 Flappo Bird for Atari 2600 - on a cartridge! Flappy has a great look to it, but it's mechanics are a bit different, so we still like to fire up Flappo Bird for additional frustration. Developers who put their skills into homebrew games are heroes!

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