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March 4, 2014 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Jennette McCurdy's racy 8-bit selfie reveals more game than skin

Jennette Mcurdy's Nintendo 3DS commercials Jennette McCurdy's 3DS When I see a celebrity name trending on Twitter, my first assumption is: they died. Upon seeing her name, I was curious to find out how Jennette McCurdy had perished. A few clicks verified she is both alive and wears underwear.

Aside from still being credited as "that girl on iCarly," she's been on the cover of several iCarly video games. That show was cancelled a few years ago (Sept 2007 - Nov 2012) and she's now on a spin-off. Entertainment reporters were too eager to publish nude celebrity photos to bother with such details.

I knew there was an iCarly DS game, but I didn't know the show was popular enough to spawn 3 Nintendo DS games; two of which have Wii counterparts. I was accustomed to THQ releasing a lot of TV & movie tie-in games (before being cruelly dismantled), but I was surprised to see the Activision logo on all the the iCarly titles I saw.

The first game, iCarly, was released in Oct. 2009 for Wii and DS. The followup iCarly 2: iJoin the Click was released the following year in Nov. 2010. 2012 saw the release of a food-prep game called iCarly: Groovy Foodie. The first 2 games (wii & DS) were lame and received poor reviews for being short and repetitive. They were seemingly released simply to capitalize on the show's popularity. The 3rd game is a time-management food-prep game where you work as a food vendor creating various meals mentioned on the show.

iCarly games on Nintendo DS and Wii It's a shame that Activision didn't make more robust titles since iCarly was loosely based in technology. The girls were creating a web show based on their various antics. Most kid's programming is awful and idiotic. At least iCarly had a somewhat substantive premise. It's too bad the Activision games didn't give the games a techie backdrop.

An interesting facet of the iCarly website was it's tongue-in-cheek connection with the show. Whacky URLS were often mentioned during the show - many of these fictional website domains were actually purchased and redirected to the main site. There are hints of this in the subsequent spin-off, Sam & Cat. For example each episode's title is displayed as a hashtag during the intro credits.

Last Fall, McCurdy teamed up with Nintendo to do a few commercials for their 3DS handheld. She reprises some of her character's smart-ass qualities to best several scenarios playing Mario Party: Island Tour. One website stated Jennette is a gamer, listing her favorite video games as Super Smash Bros., Bomberman, and Animal Crossing.

Jeannette McCurdy's selfie in 8-bit Splendor

It doesn't seem right to lead in with notions of racy selfies without delivering the goods. Here's an 8-bit version of Jeannette McCurdy's selfie:

Jennette Mcurdy's racy selfie in 8-bit splendor The original pic wasn't much clearer. She could really use a better camera. They didn't shoot iCarly with lo-fi crap ;)

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