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May 2015 Retro Gaming Article

May 5, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Moms play too- join the #3DSMoms for an online Mother's Day Twitter jam

We hear the term "gamer girl" fairly often, but don't always stop to realize that some of those "girls" are Moms! Here's a pretty cool event for Moms who like to play video games!

Under the hashtag #3DSMoms, the women of Mom Central (cool name!) are having an online jam to discuss Mom stuff and a passion for Nintendo's 3DS. If you know of someone who'd benefit from a hangout with like-minded gamer Moms, pass along this info about Mom Central's #3DSMoms Twitter Party. We hope that some of these Moms like retro gaming. There's a surprising number of genuine retro and retro-inspired games for the 2/3DS.

Mom Central's 3DS Twitter party We see so many stories of exclusion in the gaming community. From Gamergate to random undirected hate, it's nice to see a unifying event that brings gamers together to revel in their passion for Nintendo... and Mom stuff.

Mom Central's 3DS Twitter party

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