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May 29, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

I unleashed my amiibo attainment strategy with flawless precision... sort of

Pac-Man amiibo A quick romp around the web today indicated that another annoying day of amiibo woes would be swirling around social media. I vaguely recalled a late May date for the next wave of critters, but I hadn't thought much of it. I started reading about folks camping out and bringing friends to bypass maximum quantity rules. I was kind of glad I'm not manic for amiibo.

I've bought several of them, but I only think seriously about it when I think I might be missing out on something. Ridiculous, right? I'm the same way about lottery tickets - I don't bother until the jackpot exceeds $300 million. All the chatter on social media started getting to me. I felt as though I might be missing out. I quickly formulated a plan...

I figured I'd drop by Toys R Us after work and see what they had in stock.

Wave 4 ignites another wave of amiibo madness!
With such a dastardly plan, how could I lose. :) A surge of domination raced through me... it was only 11:00am. When 5:00pm rolled around, I hopped in the car and took off for Toys R Us. As I drove, I wondered if there would be fighting in the aisles or rabid customers dashing to the registers with an armload of Nintendo's finest plastic.

Inside the world's greatest toy store all was calm. I went to the video game area's amiibo aisle and saw a full wall full of characters. Most I'd seen, some I'd never heard of and a few seemed new... probably from the latest wave. I dig the amiibo, but you can probably tell I'm not a serious collector.

Amiibo wave 4... and cherry-filled Twinkies BTW - Those cherry-filled Twinkies are damn good! Amiibo purchase limitations at Toys R Us So, I picked up Silver Mario and Pac-Man. They were obvious choices. I also grabbed the 3-pack of Splatoon characters simply because the bundle seemed cooler than the individual figures. They had 4 other ones, but I didn't recognize them and opted against spending any more money.

While many tales across the web spoke of long lines, strict purchasing rules and woeful disappointment - my story is about finding nearly all of them and opting not to get the ones I'd never heard of. I know I'm lame, but I did pretty well considering I didn't even remember they were releasing today - lol.

Now I'm a bit annoyed that I didn't pick Up Wario... maybe another day.

Splatoon themed skateboard park This is a pretty cool promo for Splatoon! Nintendo UK has teamed up with Adrenaline Alley skatepark in Corby to offer a pretty unique promotional event. During the Summer there will continue to be 4 Wii U pods for public consumption. Gotta like that!

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