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April 2015 Retro Gaming Article

April 1, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

April Fools Day is the worst day to surf the web - They're lies... all lies

It happens every year. Some folks must plan months in advance. They conjure, calculate, and create the most link-bait enticing lies all for... well, for what?

April Fools pranks have reached a level of irritation that sucks the fun away.
I guess they fabricate intricate stories for April Fools day as some odd badge of honor for having fooled someone. I'm a fan of the Jackass series of movies, but pranks should be left to professionals with a keen edge for tapping into fecal funnies. Those attempting to lure gamers into advanced release dates, reboots of beloved classics, and random bullshit, should find a more productive outlet for their creativity.

Every April 1st, I remind myself to ignore anything remotely enticing on the web. I'll check into it on April 2nd for validity. Of course something always fools me. It's not the magician-like deception, but my desire to believe. Now I better understand Fox Mulder's world.

I managed to avoid all the video game posts that were crafted to disappoint. However, I fell for a post stating that Miley Cyrus was onboard for a 2016 Tank Girl film sequel. The first film was awful, but I adore Tank Girl comics so much that I can't help but love that dreadful flick.

Miley Cyrus Some of us love TV celebrities to the point at which we forget they are playing roles. The hated villan from a show is likely portrayed by a really nice guy. Similarly, when Miley Cyrus cut her hair and informed us that she was not actually Hannah Montana... well, TV viewers couldn't handle (or believe) that.

Despite the world's love affair with all-things-Disney, Miley was probably always this girl (NSFW) we saw on Disney Channel as a pop star.
Tank Girl comic book Tank Girl is an amazing comic book created by Alan Martin and Jamie Hewlett in the 90's. The Tank Girl legacy has been kept alive by writer Alan Martin who has taken Tanky to new heights in graphic novels and actual novels. Give Tank Girl a look!

When I first saw Miley's "new look", my first reaction was that she looked like Tank Girl! So, seeing this posted online was awesome... until I realized it was BS. Till next year... liars. :)

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