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May 2015 Retro Gaming Article

May 15, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Retro Magazine is available at Barnes & Noble

I'd heard that Retro Magazine was coming to Barnes & Noble which is a pretty cool feat for a young publication. Having received my translucent Atari Jaguar case in the mail yesterday, I felt inspired to check out my local bookstore for some retro inspiration.

To my surprise, there it was! Retro magazine was sitting on the shelf among all the gaming mags. With Nintendo Power absent from shelves, it was great to see a gaming magazine that excites me. I've always loved magazines of all types, but gaming mags in particular. Next Generation mag kept me stoked during the Jaguar days. It's great to see a retro gaming mag making a name for itself in this era!

Retro magazine and the shell for the Retro VGS If you haven't read up on the Retro VGS console, it will be made from the molds that shaped the Atari Jaguar of the 90s. Like the Jag, the Retro Video Game System will be cartridge based like the good old days, but the games will be of modern origin. From homebrews and retro-inspired games, the Retro VGS is looking to host games in a format reminiscent of older cartridge based games, but with the advantages of modern design and coding.

This should be an insanely fascinating console from the diversity of devs to the gamers who crave such a device. It caters to the gaming I love most with the speed of game carts!

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