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May 27, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Did Nintendo just trick me into playing Candy Crush Saga?

Pokemon Shuffle My son is an avid Pokemon fan and enjoys the card game as much as the video games. I'm at a loss when it comes to Pikachu and company - I just don't get it. When I heard about Pokemon Shuffle, I decided to give it a try on my 2DS and see if it would aid me in figuring out what Pokemon is all about.

As I matched up the icons and captured some of the Pokemon, I recognized some of the names from my son's cards. Alas, this game did not unlock the mysteries or Pokemon, for me - I still don't get it. But the game seemed fun enough, even though I usually don't enjoy puzzle games.

Shortly thereafter, I received an email from Nintendo about their Puzzle Dragon game. One look at it and I wondered how they managed to release this game without violating any of King's copyrights. It looked very much like Candy Crush Saga - a mobile game I loathe. Candy Crush has stellar sales and rakes in tons of money... all for matching up candy-colored gems or stones... whatever those things are. Candies? I don't know! To me this flys in the face of everything I hold dear about gaming.

I can't put my finger on the specifics, but King's success enrages me. Their games seem very derivative of one another and get pushed out as new games. To me this isn't gaming. If you enjoy such puzzle games, that's cool. It's just not my thing and I feel it reflects poorly on mobile gaming in general which some folks are trying to say is the future of gaming. Yikes!

Puzzle Dragons SMB So, I'm looking at the Super Mario Bros Edition of Puzzle Dragons and it looks just like a Candy Crush game. How can this be? What's going on? Nintendo are innovators. They create insane things we don't even know we need yet. I don't need Candy Crush with Mario and Luigi. What's the deal?

Then the true ugliness of this train of thought hits me. Pokemon Shuffle is Candy Crush! Arrrrgh! I'd been enjoying it under the guise of learning more about Pokemon so I can sound more intelligent about it with my son. Instead, Nintendo tricked me into playing their version of Candy Crush!

I have no intention of letting a King game stray onto my phone, but I will probably continue to play Pokemon Shuffle. it's kind of fun and my son is into it as well. However, I now live in fear that this will lead to Puzzle Dragons SMB which may cause me to succumb to it's Mario-icity. Could this lead to Candy Crush? Only time will tell. And to think the last game I downloaded was Thunder Blade 3D. Where did I go wrong? ;)

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