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May 2015 Retro Gaming Article

May 13, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

This translucent Atari Jaguar shell is a slick preview of the Retro VGS console

We've written a few articles about the upcoming Retro VGS game console. Mike Kennedy, the man behind the new console and Retro Magazine, offered the chance to buy a clear case and cartridges, this past January. I had to have one!

A translucent Atari Jaguar case for the Retro VGS A translucent Atari Jaguar case for the Retro VGS. A Kickstarter campaign for this game console is expected during the Summer.
A translucent Atari Jaguar case for the Retro VGS A translucent Atari Jaguar case for the Retro VGS. The final product to be produced, will not be translucent. This was done as a limited run for fans who'd been following the console's development.

The Jaguar molds were purchased from a dentist who had apparently tried to modify them. There was concern that the lower pegs to hold the logic board may have been altered by the dentist as well as the back panel. They were able to supply the power button and light pipe that displays the "on" state. My units seems to be missing the back plate.

I've already seen some folks transfer their Jaguars into these translucent cases and they look very cool. I'm content to keep mine in it's current state and simply enjoy ownership of a unique piece of gaming history. We're excited to see this project develop.

the Retro VGS I bought my first Jaguar on the day they were released. A friend and I left work for an extended "lunch hour" and went to Nobody Beats the Wiz to pick up the latest Atari console. That was an amazing day and I was dying to get home and plug in my new Atari!

Receiving this translucent shell, as a precursor to the Retro VGS, is similarly exciting. It feels like a new era for an old passion. Sort of like new tech butts heads with vintage gaming to create an insanely wonderful hybrid! Can't Wait!

I feel like dropping into my local Barnes & Noble for a copy of Retro Magazine!

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