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April 2015 Retro Gaming Article

April 26, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Join Retro Game Base at the Four Quarters Arcade Bar for Console Collective in London

Are you a retro gamer in London seeking a few beers and the opportunity to play your favorite classic game consoles? How about a full blown retro gaming tournament?

London's only dedicated retro gaming store, Retro Game Base and the Four Quarters Arcade Bar are teaming up for a weekly game night - Console Collective!

Console Collective in London Peckham's hottest new venue The Four Quarters teams up with London's only dedicated retro gaming shop Retro Game Base to bring a regular retro gaming event to South London!

Retro Game Base in London Retro Game Base A range of authentic, classic home video game consoles are set up in the upstairs area of the Four Quarters bar on Rye Lane. With a cosy, man-cave in the attic feel you will be in a nostalgic heaven when faced with the consoles of your childhood. NES, SNES, N64, Master System, Mega Drive, Dreamcast, Saturn, Atari 2600, Playstation 1 and Gamecube are all here to be played.

With a lack of a regular, sociable, retro gaming event Retro Game Base has taken on the task of running the Console Collective, a themed event, free to enter and play and designed to show off games across the consoles of yesteryear within a genre theme. Expect VS Fighter showcases, classic platformer showdowns, pixelated sports game marathons and intense racing grand prix's.

With a focus on player selection of games for upcoming events via their Facebook events polls you can be sure to have an input on games that will be available to play at future events. Due to the collaboration with Retro Game Base many games across all the represented systems can be obtained so each Tuesday will be a new experience!

Four Quarters Arcade Bar in London A pay-to-enter tournament will also be arranged each week for those with a competitive streak with bar tabs for the Four Quarters as well as Retro Game Base vouchers up for grabs.

What could be better to get over those mid-week blues than grabbing a cool craft beer from the bar and chatting and playing with like-minded nostalgia-filled gamers?

Whether you regularly play video games or haven't picked up a controller in years (or maybe ever?!) the Console Collective is the perfect get together for retro lovers.

The next Console Collective has a SHMUP theme on the 28th April!

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