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October 2015 Retro Gaming Article

October 31, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Today, 32 years after Pyromania, Def Leppard released a new self-titled CD

Today I bought a new magazine about old games and a new CD from an old band - both from the UK! It was a good day!

Def Leppard's new CD was rleeased today I loved Def Leppard in the 80s, discovering them when Pyromania was released in January 1983. At the time I knew they had 2 previous albums, but didn't know they formed in 1977. Then, after all these years, I realized I'd never bought a copy of it - so I was stoked to find Pyromania at Best Buy.

Today, in an odd twist of fate, Newbury Comics had sold out of Def Leppard's new self titled CD, so I found myself buying it at Best Buy. It's kind of ironic to find 2 Def Leppard CDs at Best Buy in a month - one a new release and the other 3 decades old. I love retro!

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