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October 2015 Retro Gaming Article

October 24, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Would a custom meme generator be a valuable promotional tool for video game marketing?

Creed movie's meme builder The first DIY promotional meme generator I'd seen came from the film, Straight Outta Compton. The website let you select your own photo and layer the movie's slogan, "Straight Outta..." and add your own phrase. We made a few focused on retro gaming and arcades. We also got a kick out of the page for Donald Trump's "Make America Great" hat generator.

The latest example I've seen is for the upcoming movie, Creed. Sylvester Stalone is starring in this Rocky sequel. The website lets you create a personalized meme based on the films "I fight for..." message. Get creative with it - folks bring their own thoughts and ideas to these generators that are far outside the . As always we added a retro gaming theme to it...

Marketing Should Engage and Inspire Gamers

The ability to let pople inject their own photos and ideas into a promotional campaign is genius! I think this would lend well to promotion of video games. It adds a personal touch for the consumer who can also help propel a marketing message or brand. This DIY generator concept seems more engaging than your standard social media sharing scenario.

Think about Mario Maker - a game in which you can custom create your own Mario game levels. Wouldn't it have been a cool promotional campaign if you could have created a custom meme that promoted Mario Maker, a game with custom levels. It seems like a great match for gaming marketing & promotion from individual title releases to the rising e-sports phenomenon.

I grow tired of the idea that all promotion must involve Liking, Sharing, or ReTweeting. Social media plays a large role in promotion, but Id love to see more creativity in this area.

gamer Give gamers a real reason to engage a brand or product via social media. Letting us inject our own images and ideas seems like a natural step in the evolution of social marketing. Of course there will be those who use it for nefarious purposes, but I think the benefit outweighs the troll-factor.

Who's going to be the first dev to take customer engagement to the next level and break away from having to pay Facebook to bypass their constriction?

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