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October 2015 Retro Gaming Article

October 30, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Will Namco re-boot their arcade favorite as Galaga Assault via Raw Thrills videmption?

Galaga Assault videmption An article on Arcade Heroes suggests that Namco may be in the testing phase of releasing Galaga, in partnership with Raw Thrills, as a videmption game. Galaga Assault is listed on Namco's UK site. A thread on Neogaf mentions a Galaga Assault sighting in Illinois the Summer of 2014.

This suggests to me that Namco may be testing the cabinet to see how the game performs in the wild. Galaga is certainly a favorite from the golden age. I see Galaga (and the Galaga/Ms. Pac-Man combo cabs) fairly often in my travels, so it seems like a great game to revive. There's a lot of excitement about this, but I wonder about the game play.

The game consists of 2 stages. You begin by annihilating 100 enemies for points. If successful you move on to the Mothership and claiming the jackpot if you destroy the ship. As far as redemption, it runs on a points-to-ticket conversion. Like other Raw Thrills games, it also provides QR Codes to scan and the ability to buy more ships. I'm not familiar with "buying more ships" outside of the obvious scenario of putting in more money to continue.

Addition of Redemption

The purpose of redemption is speed. Regardless of the type of device, the goal is to get as many people playing as possible. This is largely achieved by devising short games. We see this with Pindemption where the traditional pinball game is shortened to ensure many players rather than a skilled player occupying the table for an hour.

A nice facet of some of the pindemption tables is their ability to be converted to a standard pinball game. In other words it is not necessarily a dedicated redemption machine and can toggle between redemption and regular pinball by the owner/operator. A similar mention with Galaga Assault is something called "Amusement Mode". I'm hoping that this means it can play a standard Galaga game as well as the redemption version.

Galaga Assault videmption To be honest, aside from keeping the Galaga name alive on a 42" LCD Screen at 1080p HD, I'm not too interested in a videmption version. I can play the arcade original at my local movie theater as well as on several home consoles.

There's certainly a strong desire to give Galaga Assault a whirl, but I'd be far more excited about it if I thought there as an amusement mode that offered a real Galaga gaming experience, rather than a shortened redemption version.

As for the Raw Thrills connection - They're a company I tend to revere more than most as it's headed by Eugene Jarvis who created arcade greats like Robotron: 2084 and Defender. Coupled with Namco, this makes me feel that they will develop Galaga Assault with a stronger regard for the original Galaga.

There are 2 arcades near me that often have Raw Thrills games, so I'm hoping that Galaga Assault will appear someday!

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