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May 2, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Microsoft's age-guessing carnival act is stymied by retro gaming royalty

I never thought that IBM designed Watson for the purpose of winning a TV game show. The sad truth is that winning a trivia contest was probably the best way to convince most folks that Watson was genuine and "intelligent". I guess we're not smart enough to understand the concepts behind Watson, but if Alex Trebek thinks "he's" smart... well, who's to argue, right?

Microsoft's new website,
An article on
Fast Company offers some insights by way of the fine print which indicates that Microsoft owns rights to any photos you upload for the age-guessing result. This conflicts with the info on the main page saying they do not keep any of the uploaded photos. Regardless of the truth, I don't want my picture floating around Microsoft servers or ad campaigns.

Here are some results from various video game characters...

Liz Katz cosplaying as Princess Peach Princess Peach is 23 years old. Liz Katz Cosplays as Mario's gal-pal.
Ulala from Space Channel 5 cosplay Ulala from Space Channel 5 is 30 years old. This is a great cosplay - I wish I knew who she is.

Microsoft seems to be able to detect actual human faces, but won't acknowledge the likes of Bill Rizer or Evil Otto. I'm calling outcome of this experiment - somewhat dubious ;)

Bill Rizer from Contra Bill Rizer from Konami's Contra apparently has no face.
Evil Otto from Stern's Berzerk Evil Otto, from Stern's Berzerk, clearly has a face, but Microsoft chooses not to see his evil grin.

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