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April 2015 Retro Gaming Article

April 21, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

The Clinton Presidential Library released an Instagram pic of Hillary playing a GameBoy

Does someone at the Clinton Presidential Library, in Arkansas, know today is the Gameboy's anniversary? Could that be what prompted this Instagram photo post? All across the Internet, this 1993 photo of Hillary Clinton playing a GameBoy has appeared.

Hillary Clinton playing a GameBoy Polygon ran a good article on this pic citing a New York Times article in which it was said that Mrs. Clinton was a fan of Nintendo's first handheld - Tetris in particular.

With a run for the Presidency, this is the sort of photo that really makes her seem like an every-day person. You wouldn't expect a Presidential candidate to be playing video games... or admitting to such a thing. Seeing a pic of her playing on a Game Boy is certainly better than listening to all the political rhetoric we're accustomed to.

Some folks have wondered why she wasn't playing on an Atari Lynx. Come on folks - we all know that both a Lynx and a Game Boy will fit in the average purse. There's no telling how much game Hillary was carrying around that day. :)

I promise not to turn this into a political debate - lol - but on a jaunt in her campaigning, Hillary and her entourage stopped at a Chipotle Mexican Grill where no one recognized her. Security cam footage confirmed her meal-stop, but not a soul knew it was Bill's wife stockpiling burritos. If Justin Bieber walked in there, pandaemonium would have ensued.

If it weren't for Instagram and a few game-related hashtags, this photo could easily have escaped notice for years and years. This kind of tells us something about people, voters... or perhaps non-voters. Hard to say. Know your candidate! And play Tetris daily!

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