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June 2015 Retro Gaming Article

June 15, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Intellivision Gen2 project aims to reboot 3 iconic games for Mac & PC via Kickstarter

Retroaction Entertainment logo Retro gaming seems to be expanding in a lot of new ways these days. I'm seeing folks my age jumping back into the consoles they grew up with along with a new breed of younger gamer who are getting hooked on the pixelated awesomeness of days gone by. Most modern consoles offer retro opportunities via online stores.

A lot of retro energy has been coming from Game Gavel founder Mike Kennedy who also started Retro Magazine and the upcoming Retro VGS game console. Currently he has a Kickstarter for Intellivision Gen2. This is a project to modernize (while retaining the original pixel'd glory) 3 Intellivision games for the Mac and PC. The games are: AstroSmash, Shark Shark, and Night Stalker.

If successful, this project seems to be heading toward releasing more 3-packs of rebooted Intellivision games. Much the way M2 is releasing Sega classics for the 3DS... as long as they sell well. Seems like a good plan!

If you watch the game-play videos on their Kickstarter page, you'll see they already have working versions, so they aren't starting this gig at ground zero. The videos also show what a great job they've done updating these classics while maintaining the look and feel that made them iconic to begin with.

Intellivision Gen2 project screen shots Shown above are the original and rebooted screens for each of the 3 games. This sounds like a cool idea, but they have a long way to go to meet their $100,000 goal. Others have commented that this seems like a large figure compared with other gaming Kickstarter campaigns. This is a cool project and we'll have to see if it gains more momentum in it's final stretch.

My First Intellivision

As a kid I opted for the Atari 2600 since it was getting ports of some of my favorite arcade games. Back then, that was the most important thing to me. A friend got an Intellivision for Christmas, but I simply wasn't excited about it. As I grew up and had a wider perspective of gaming, I realized how cool many of the Intellivision games were.

Intellivision certainly had better sports games, but I alway felt Atari took top place with space battles and arcade ports. However, I was excited to find a Collection of Classic Intellivision Games for the PSone and Intellivision Lives for PS2 and Nintendo's DS. After that experience with the Intellivision games, I finally bought an original console... 30 years after it's debut. Better late than never!

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