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April 21, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Joan Jett re-released I Love Rock & Roll on 33 1/3 anniversary along with 1981 concert

Classic remastered albums are the rage as of late. So many great bands are re-issuing their classic albums lately. In the last few weeks I've picked up remasters from Bad Company and Van Halen. It's been a good year so far!

Today I picked up Joan Jett's remastered 2-CD set of I Love Rock & Roll along with a 1981 concert. It occurred to me that some other cool things occurred in 1981 as well. Defender and Video Pinball came home on the Atari 2600!

Joan Jett re-released I Love Rock & Roll on 33 1/3 anniversary I wish that Van Halen had taken Jett's cue concerning the era of live concert choices. Joan Jett released a disc of tracks from the year I Love Rock & Roll was originally released, 1981. Van Halen chose a live concert from 2013. Diamond Dave sounded much better in the 80s. However, it's so amazing to hear these updated recordings and relive some of the insanity that ruled the 80s when we cranked music while driving to our favorite arcades!

Miley cyrus and Joan Jett Miley cyrus and Joan Jett Jett's 33 1/3 release also coincides with her band's induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. The HOF has been under a lot of scrutiny regarding their method for inclusion into their exclusive club. Kiss was the latest band to have a public feud with the HOF regarding their induction. I guess the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame figured a low-key figure like Miley Cyrus would keep them on the level. Yes, sarcasm.

I'm sure much craziness ensued. As an overall point of reference - 1981, when I Love Rock & Roll and Defender & Video Pinball for the VCS were released, pre-dates Miley's existence by over a decade. :)

Despite that gap and other apparent differences, Cyrus gave a pretty cool induction speech. Maybe Miley isn't as crazy as the world paints her to be. Either way, Joan Jett is a unique person who continues to rock her heart out. You have to admire a career as long and successful as hers.

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