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May 2015 Retro Gaming Article

May 1, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

The soundtrack to thatgamecompany's game, Journey, will be released on vinyl via iam8bit

thatgamecompanys Journey for PS3 I haven't had the opportunity to play Journey but it's raves and awards certainly make me want to pick up the Collector's Edition. When reviews contain words like ethereal, innovative, and emotional you know it must deliver an experience unlike most of the games on retail shelves.

Of interest is Journey's acceptance as "art". There have been many debates over video games and their worthiness as an artform as well as their display in museums. While the vast majority of video games have received dubious support as "art", Journey's soundtrack, scored by Austin Wintory, garnered an Grammy nomination.

Steps like this may help outsiders see the beauty, stories and embracing values held within so many different games. From the side-art of vintage arcade cabinets, to the modern worlds made up of pixels, video games are indeed works of art. As gamers, we come up against ignorant people who see games as a mindless pastime.

Part of what helps elevate gaming as art is the overall experience from creation to presentation to engaging the players. When it comes to presentation, iam8bit is one of the most innovative digital marketers working with the gaming industry. They are going to release Journey's soundtrack on 2 vinyl picture discs with artwork by Mark Englert.

iam8bits soundtrack release for Journey on vinyl Journey art by Mark Englert There has been quite a resurgence of music being released on vinyl. When I first fell in love with music as a kid, I listened to my favorite songs on a clock-radio with an awful built-in speaker. When I was old enough to buy my own music, vinyl was the dominant format even as cassettes began to oust 8-track tapes for storage.

tiam8bits soundtrack release for Journey on vinyl The first album I ever bought was Kiss' Destroyer at a Giant Music store in VA. It was the beginning of my discovery of sonic awesomeness and the various emotions that came with different artists. That wouldn't be the last Kiss album I ever bought, but it was my gateway into a passion for this form of artistry.

As far as gaming soundtracks being released on vinyl, it dates back to the Atari era in which songs and stories tied into popular video games emerged on records. The Missile Command 45RPM record is such an example. I have an Atari Asteroids album and have seen a similar one for Yar's Revenge.

It's fun to see modern albums recently released on vinyl in stores along with Crosley portable turntables. It reminds me of simpler times when album covers were coveted works of art and my friends and I would get together just to listen to a new album. Before I dawdle too far down memory lane, check out iam8bit's release for Journey's soundtrack and take a break from iTunes and buy an album on vinyl! :)

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