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May 16, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Konami backpedals to assure gamers they won't solely be mobile centric

Konamii Logo Perhaps "backpedal" isn't the right term, but I did a double-take when I read that Konami's CEO stated that mobile is the future of gaming. The Internet, myself included, suddenly wondered if their glory days of iconic arcade and home console games were a thing of the past. Clarification was brought to the matter when the statement was understood to mean that Komani wants to shift more focus to revenue from mobile's popularity.

After playing everything from Frogger to Contra and Gradius to Gyruss (at home and in arcades), I can't imagine a Konami experience comprised of finger-swipes! OK, I do have a version of frogger on my smart phone, but that simply tides me over until I can swap the phone for a controller.

I understand why developers are eager to maximize the revenue of the mobile platform, but I can't help but see it as a departure from the style of gaming I grew up with. We communicate on social media with bits and fragments of sentences and our mobile gaming is the same way. We game on smart phones in small increments. As a kid, I never minded a quick game of Space Invaders, but I'd much rather have a lengthy session of alien obliteration or a game that would take me on a grand adventure.

The Konami Code will live in infamy as it was used in several games, most notably, Contra for the NES.

Konamii code One has to wonder if it will be incorporated into Konami's mobile games. Just in case it does come to fruition to unlock elements of a phone game, we've translated it for you and your mobile device of choice:
Swipe UP - Swipe UP - Swipe DOWN - Swipe DOWN - Swipe LEFT - Swipe RIGHT - Swipe LEFT - Swipe RIGHT - Tap - Tap

Yeah... so, I'm going to go play some Contra, and possibly Super C, on my NES. :)

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