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June 2015 Retro Gaming Article

June 4, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

You may be surprised at her connection to Black Flag, The Bones Brigade, and elephants

Sometimes the odd randomness of internet searches yields some interesting results. I stumbled across this girl online when, believe it or not, I was searching for her Dad. Coincidentally, my search for pro skateboarder Mike Vallely yielded this pic of his daughter standing in front of 2 combo arcade cabs! My two favorite things - skateboarding and arcade games!

Lucy Vallely arcade pic Her name is Lucy and her Dad is more commonly known as Mike V. He's an amazing skater and an inspirational guy with an unstoppable spirit. As a teen his family moved to Virginia Beach where he rode the legendary Mount Trashmore skatepark which led to sponsorship by Powell Peralta, and becoming part of the Bones Brigade team.

A love of punk rock led him to form his own band and eventually wound up as the lead singer for Black Flag. Along the way he started up his own skateboard ventures including, Elephant Skateboards.

Watching Mike's footage online or on the many DVDs he's been a part of, he's the epitome of hardcore. He sees lines and makes use of every inch of his skate environment. He's a gifted skater to say the least.

Mike Vallely arcade pic His daughter lucy is an aspiring dancer. It kind of warms my heart to know Mike V is a cool Dad. Here's a pic of him at their home arcade cabs. Can you imagine being a kid who's dad is a pro skateboarder and lead singer of Black Flag? I really need to amp up my game! :)

This concludes another interesting foray into the Net. Skateboards and Arcades FTW!

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