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May 2015 Retro Gaming Article

May 25, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Mad Max Fury Road is an astounding sequel to this series that began in '79

I loved the original Mad Max film and the 1981 sequel, Road Warrior. Upon hearing it was to be remade in 2015 I was initially excited, but I was leery about it's ability to capture the adrenaline of the original.

Mad Max Fury Road When I looked up the movie schedule, I noticed they had showings in 3D. Oh yeah! Most of the 3D films I see are Disney or Pixar films with my son. Seeing Mad Max in 3D sounded pretty good! I was riveted to the action on the screen. This is one of those films that is so good on the big screen. Ordinarily, I scoff at the outrageous price of movie tickets, but this flick was worth it!

I have Mad Max and the sequel on Laserdisc, but wasn't too fond of Beyond Thunderdome which came out in 1985. It surprises me when I look at the years that passed between each of the Terminator films - Genisys comes out this Summer. Mad Max Fury Road comes to theaters 30 years after the 3rd film, Beyond Thunderdome. George Miller directed all 4 films in the franchise.

Mad Max on the NES - 1990

Mad Max for Nintendo NES Mad Max video game for Nintendo's NES was released in July 1990. Five years after the 3rd film, Mindscape released Mad Max for the NES, a post-apocalyptic action game. The cover art featured Mel Gibson from the film. Each level consists of a road race to the arena where you battle the other rivals for water, gas, and ammunition. The road stages consist of rival gangs trying to prevent you from reaching the arena with dynamite among other things. There is a final arena battle where success grants you the win!

It's pretty cool that a 1979 movie was turned into an NES game a decade later. With the remade film in 2015, both PS4 and Xbone versions are due out at the end of the Summer.

Mad Max for PS4 Mad Max Fury Road games will be released in Sept 2015 for PS4, PC and Xbone.

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