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April 2015 Retro Gaming Article

April 18, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

I discovered Battleground Z and Ultimate Angler while connected to local mall wifi

After work yesterday I stopped by the mall to check out Jimi Hendrix's Purple Haze on 7" vinyl. Yes, a vinyl album in 2015! It's available at Newbury Comics for Record Store Day on April 18. I'm also curious about those portable Crosley portable turntables. So, anyway...

Mii Plaza Bunny I'm always on the prowl for StreetPasses while at the mall. The SP Relay Stations did not disappoint. I also got word of 2 new Mii PLaza games that were available! I was stoked to download Battleground Z and Ultimate Angler, but mall wifi isn't very reliable so I had to wait until I got home.

In the mean time, I was excited to discover games involving zombies and fishing! Everyone loves zombies (right?) and I've been on a fishing binge in Animal Crossing New Leaf. So these 2 new titles were right on the money for me! I've been a big fan of the Mii Plaza games since they are at the heart of the 2/3DS' connections to other players and motivate communication and interactivity.

Having 2 new games to play with StreetPass gamers has breathed some new life into the experience. I'm sure many of us have completed the first set of Mii Plaza games and had been wondering... what next? The novelty of new games will soon wear off, but for now, I really like both of them and look forward to discovering better strategies. Fishing and killing zombies has jumpstarted my StreetPass fetish.

Battleground Z and Ultimate Angler Battleground Z is the first Plaza game to get an "E10+" rating from the ESRB. Apparently the level of violence merits the rating. While Warrior's Way has large scale battles, it's all done in a harmless animation. I guess the first-person perspective of the zombie slayings is too much for the former "E" rating. I still think Nintendo has provided a family-friendly zombie killing game. ;)

Each Mii PLaza game is designed around meeting other gamers. Various cart-based games employ the StreetPass tech, but don't always integrate it well. Both Tomodachi Life and Animal Crossing New Leaf use StreetPass in creative ways that benefit the game. Other titles simply send notifications that someone with the same game passed by - not a real asset to the game itself.

International StreetPass week In addition to the two new games, Nintendo is having an International StreetPass Week from April 16 - 26 across North America and Europe. I finally picked up Alaska! Go get some new regions added to your map!

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