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October 2015 Retro Gaming Article

October 26, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Bluff your way up the corporate ladder in Pass The Buck- a satirical reality card game

Pass the Buck: A Game of Corporate Responsibility Management As much as I love video games, I'm still a fan of tabletop games. Before my Atari 2600 took me down a pixelated path through arcades and console madness, I loved board games. From Monopoly and Life to Water Works and Which Witch, there were so many inventive games that added some strategy and/or fun to a popular theme.

My son and I have been playing some of my childhood games as well as a few newer ones we've discovered in our travels. Our current oldies favorites are Bermuda Triangle and Go For Broke! More recently we've been collecting the various releases of Adventure Time's Card Wars and playing a lot of Zombie Dice. Great stuff!

Happy Badgers Studio logo It's always fun to come back to board, card, and dice games after a few Splatoon battles, killing the Qotile, or saving Skylands. In the same way we see innovations in video games, tabletop games also have the same dynamic. Take a look at Pandemic or Sushi Go. There's no shortage of innovation in tabletop games.

Happy Badgers Go From Pixels to Cardboard

One of my favorite indie developers is Happy Badger Studio in St. Louis. They create truly diverse games ranging from simple addictive mobile games to retro styled runners, and PC games that invoke emotional choices. Regardless of the medium, they find a way to inject fun and novelty into their games. In true form, they are again expanding on their diversity by releasing a tabletop card game called, Pass The Buck: A Game of Corporate Responsibility Management, created by Carol Mertz.

Pass work off to your colleagues and bluff your way up the corporate ladder in this satirical card game. It's a simple premise with some good twists that get players to interact both socially and within the game's rules. As you move up the corporate ladder by dumping your responsibilities on other players (coworkers), they can bluff their way out of taking on your tasks. But - they may be lying to you. Better call HR and get to the truth!

Check out the Pass the Buck kickstarter. If you dig it, consider backing it and be the first person at your office to pass the buck...

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