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October 2015 Retro Gaming Article

October 14, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

If I thought Pepsi knew anything about telecommunications I'd be interested in their Pepsi P1 Android phone

A recent online leak has alluded to Pepsi releasing a branded Android phone in China. One article stated this was Pepsi's "First Ever" smartphone release. Did I miss Pepsi's entrance into the telecommunications field? I'm confident that this is a licensing deal, not a manufacturing feat. Seems pretty close to putting a Mt. Dew sticker on your walkie-talkie.

By the way- are they releasing a phone or a Sasquatch? Are blurry pictures a secret signal that the contents of the photo may be illicit? You have to work pretty hard to take blurry photos these days. Cameras have become pretty idiot-proof when it comes to taking a decent photo. Leaked or not, photos like this seem staged.

leaked Pepsi Android smartphone I was always a fan of Coke, finding Pepsi to be too sweet tasting. Recently I decided to stop drinking soda after seeing some photos of the spectacular results one gets from cleaning a toilet with Diet Coke. Yuck - no thanks.

I'd Rather Go Back To The Future

When it comes to Pepsi, my interests surround the upcoming limited release of Pepsi Perfect from Back to the Future II. Prior to it's Oct. 21 launch date, Pepsi was giving away bottles at New York Comic Con. It is said that there will only be 6,500 bottles released in the wild. I believe it is available online and in select stores. Most are saying to check Pepsi's social media outlets as the date draws near.

TPepsi Perfect Hoverboard not included. This is a really unique opportunity for BTTF fans to get a cool keepsake from the second film. I applaud Pepsi for bringing back Pepsi Perfect, but I think they could have made a larger production run and garnered even more publicity and possibly profit. I'm sure the exposure is worth far more than the cost of producing these bottles.

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