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June 2015 Retro Gaming Article

June 11, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Forget movie night- I want to to play retro games on Pizza Hut's blockbuster box projector

Pizza Hut's pizza box projector Upon hearing about Pizza Hut's DIY pizza box movie projector, I was convinced it was a hoax. Someone clever enough to cobble together a convincing video could then let social media work it's magic. Oh yeah, claim it happened somewhere... like China.

However, it seems as though this low tech contraption actually works. People have constructed similar projectors with shoe boxes and a magnifying glass. I'm fascinated by this and love it's simplicity. Why haven't I done this?!?

The heart of Pizza Hut's Blockbuster Box is the 3-legged stand that keeps the box from collapsing on your pizza. It serves 2 additional purposes as a detachable lens that fits into a punch-out on the front of the box holding your phone at the right angle. Next you can scan a QR code to retrieve a movie. They offer action, horror, romance, and Sci-fi selections or you can delve into anything that will display on your phone.

While this tasty entertainment scenario is currently only available in Hong Kong (no, really) there are plenty of online tutorials for making such a projector with relative ease. Whereas I like the idea of having this entertainment solution delivered to my door, until Pizza Hut expands this marketing ploy, you'll have to make one yourself... pizza not included.

Pizza Hut's pizza box projector Pizza Hut's Blockbuster Box This sounds like a fun project with the kids that yields a movie night with pizza. It is recommended you employ Bluetooth speakers since your phone will be inside a pizza box.

Let's Project Some Retro Games

The suggestion of Bluetooth speakers made me think of the similar game controllers available for Android ad iOS devices. Suddenly, I'm ditching movie night to set p a greasy pizza box retro gaming projector. If you hate the way retro games look on a modern LCD TV, this shabby projector may be just retro enough to bring out the best with your favorite retro console emulator.

Slap your Android inside a box and let pixelated bliss splash across your living room wall!

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