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April 2015 Retro Gaming Article

April 6, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Not all pictures are worth a 1,000 words, but some warrant more exploration than others

Throughout this article you can safely assume you'll find a few NSFW images.

Pocket Full Of Monsters arcade cabinet at 2008 Iam8bit I've seen this image online countless times. Often random "arcade" searches return it and it pops up on Pinterest with great regularity. I'll admit to finding it an appealing image, but I often wonder how such a scenario occurred. I doubt she was wandering about seeking an arcade and a pair of pants. So what's the deal?

Aside from the scantily clad woman, the cabinet's shape was of the old school design that you really don't see in entertainment venues these days. The marquee seemed simple, lacking the purposefully bright colors geared to attract players to it's coin slot.

Speaking of which, the coin slots are illuminated, some iteration of Mario Bros is on the screen, and it seems to have custom side-art. So, there are a few things that don't add up to a standard arcade game.

Don't misunderstand me - I'm always down to drop a few quarters and play SMB on a mystery arcade cab with a scantily-clad Player 2. But, I really wanted to find out more about this cabinet... and it's player!

Nerd Core logo The marquee read "Pocket Full Of Monsters", so that seemed like a good starting point. Unfortunately that website that is no longer operational, but they were responsible for the cabinet's artwork.

Next I tried looking up Nerd Core - the emblem on her shorts. That website is also defunct, however, among other projects they had been making an anual calendar with various pin-up models and themes. Many of those assets (NSFW) are still floating around the web.

From here, I found iam8Bit who have hosted some epic parties including this one (8.14.08 on Hollywood boulevard) with the Pocket Full of Monsters arcade cabinet.

Obviously, I need to amp up our game nights
As a digital think-tank, iam8Bit created the intro sequence for the Midway Arcade Origins video game as well as the trophy for Machinima's annual Inside Gaming Awards and the custom vinyl picture disc for Tron Evolution. They certainly seem to know games and interesting ways to promote them.

The photo above seems to have come from a 2008 party at which they featured girls from Nerd Core. Primarily featuring a variety of 8-bit inspired art, these parties highlight retro art in a playful scenario for guests.

Set up like manequins in a retail store window, several girls were placed in street-facing windows as they played retro games among other things. The arcade cabinet above was also placed in a window for passersby to see. This mystery arcade cabinet was a MAME and emulation project that melded tons of games with artwork by Pocket Full of Monsters.

Nerd Core toilet diorama Nerd Core girls on display playing classic video games an an Iam8Bit party Karlie Montana and a Power Glove Foundation 9 holiday card The entrance to Iam8Bit's gathering featured this live diorama which I believe was staged in a street-facing window. I can't say I've solved any great mysteries, but I discovered a few cool companies and unraveled some info about that Nerd Core gal and the custom arcade cabinet. All in a day's work... :)

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