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June 2015 Retro Gaming Article

June 16, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Trump's continual pursuit of POTUS is like that bad game that keeps finding it's way into your console

I think we all have that one game that looks so good, but it's gameplay eludes you. A momentary thought that it might be a good game. In it goes. The startup screen appears and the memories come flooding back... It's an awful game!!

Sometimes the desire to play a game I haven't played for a while falls into this category. When my usual stash of go-to games becomes a bit stale and I need an injection of new game play. I'll comb through my games seeking a title I haven't played for a while. Time tends to take it's toll and I pull out an awful game not knowing it's really terrible until I begin playing.

Trumps continual dipping into faux-politics is just like that awful game. Suddenly, you see how lousy it is. Don't get tricked into playing POTUS Patrol with the Donald! :)

Donald Trump in POTUS Patrol

Trump has threatened to run for President the last few elections, but this year he's taking it to an official level and assaulting us with his Richie Rich rhetoric. If nothing else it's fodder for late-night TV humor.

Trump claims to run for President... again

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