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May 2015 Retro Gaming Article

May 3, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Britney & Iggy's Pretty Girls' galactic cover art needed more retro gaming influence

Britney & Iggy's Pretty Girls Britney Spears was one of my guilty pleasures of late '99. As a devoted Kiss, Judas Priest, and AC/DC fan, Britney's gyrations and pop glory were a stark contrast to my favorite metal bands, but I couldn't help but like her. I'll admit to having a slight penchant for pop, but Rob Halford is the metal god!

Then Iggy Azalea came along with Charli XCX in tow and I rather fancied that song they came up with. When Brit & Iggy speculations grew about a collaboration on a single titled, "Pretty Girls," the idea piqued my curiosity. When the cover art was released, I wondered where the galactic theme came from. Where they out of this world? What's the connection?

It was clear to me that this album art was lacking in realistic galactic content. Thus, I added a few elements from some of my favorite space-battle retro games.

Britney & Iggy's Pretty Girls I may have slathered retro gaming space craft all over their cover, but I'd love to know where this planetary idea came from. It doesn't seem to have a relation to the song... as far as I can tell.

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