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April 2015 Retro Gaming Article

April 14, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

From selfies to belfies, if you've got game, it's all about gaming shelfies

When it comes to selfies, I love the concocted notion that it was devised by the NSA to obtain current photos of citizens. Other than that, the whole concept seems sort of pointless. But, when someone pointed an iPhone at their butt and declared, "belfie" I figured it had to be better than all those bathroom mirror photos.

Next up - I got a chuckle out of this Spaghettio's "SHELFie" pic, before realizing where this might wind up. I'm hoping more gamers will jump on the Shelfie idea and post pics of their games on display. I've grown tired of Paris Hilton selfies - we need more gaming shelfies!

Amiga Shelfie

game shelfie

game shelfie

game shelfie

game shelfie

If you don't have a shelf full of games to photograph... you can always assemble this sweet little Busch shelfie unit and load it up with Atari or Intellivision games! I'll bet it works with Colecovision too - lol. Model G 800, Baby! :)

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