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April 2015 Retro Gaming Article

April 5, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Shavo Odadjian directs Mortal Kombat X trailer featuring System Of A Down's song, Chop Suey

System of a Down and Mortal Kombat X I remember my nephew telling me about a new band he was into. I was in awe at their sound. System Of A Down released their first studio album in 1998 and I was hooked instantly. Very few bands have a sound and style that ropes me in so quickly. Their first album made for a memorable Summer for me and I soon wanted more. They have such a stern, driving sound with all the elements tightly wrapped in sonic power.

They released 5 albums by 2005 and had a few Grammy nominations. Then they dispersed only to be heard during an extended concert tour. For me, this left quite a void in a style of music I had come to love. Their sound was extremely unique to me and I've never found anything else like SOAD.

Recently, System Of A Down has been linked to the upcoming Mortal Kombat X release. When one sees these casual mentions across multiple social networks, it rather solidifies the notion that SOAD is creating the soundtrack for the game... right? Not exactly.

SOAD bassist Shavo Odadjian has been working on music for the game and a trailer unmistakably has SOAD's Chop Suey playing in the background. Numerous sites almost make this assertion then trail off saying that System of a Down may be working on a new album. So which is is?!? Are they creating a soundtrack for Mortal Kombat X and/or writing a new album?

No SOAD album in the works, but enjoy this Mortal Kombat X trailer
It seems that Odadjian directed the trailer that was released and incorporates the band's classic song. That's cool, but how does the Internet let rumors blossom into soundtracks and album releases? Many of the articles I read used this morsel to engage readers that a new album may be in the works... without much evidence.

As a System of a Down fan, I'd love a new album, but I'd settle for honest reporting from sources that should know better than to troll for clicks & Likes. Billboard was one of the few music sites that correctly stated Odadjian's directorial contribution to Mortal Kombat X without trying to leverage it into a new SAOD album. One can hope, but reality will bite those sites that

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