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March 2015 Retro Gaming Article

March 1, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

10Tons converts the gentleman's sport into a terrific platform physics shooter with Tennis In The Face

I hadn't heard of this game, but an email from the folks at Ouya touted it's addition to their gaming platform. I love tennis games and had to track down this unique variation where your racquet becomes a formidable weapon in saving your city!

Tennis In The Face I've always had a soft spot for tennis video games - all kinds of tennis video games. From early attempts on the PlayStation to Snoopy tennis on the Game Boy Color, and onward to the latest TopSpin or Virtua Tennis, I love 'em all. Each offers a unique set of play mechanics and experience. I can replicate grandslam tournaments, play as my favorite champions or smirk at the oddities of Outlaw Tennis.

10Tons' Tennis In The Face There seemed to be a "tennis game" for everyone's taste until I realized a forgotten segment of gamers - those passionate about First-Person Shooters. I'm a Galaga and Galaxian fan from arcade's golden age and still enjoy shooting at things.

Why don't Tennis video games offer any shooting options? Wonder no more. 10Tons Ltd. has resolved this issue with the multi-platform Tennis "Shooter", Tennis in the Face.

Your racquet is no longer a tool of the trade. In Tennis In The Face, your racquet is your weapon. But you're no renegade bad-guy - You are Pete Pagassi (a Sampras/Agassi combo?). You're goal is saving the city from an evil energy drink company, Explodz.

From their website:
Knock out creepy clowns, evil riot police and other Explodz-addicted maniacs with a tennis ball in the face. Bounce the ball off walls to reach targets lurking in cover and watch them tumble hilariously. Trigger masterful chain reactions and watch the chaos unfold. Tennis in the Face is a hilarious bouncer-game where you save the city from the evil Explodz Inc. with your extraordinary tennis skills.

10Tons' Tennis In The Face Tennis In The Face is available on many platforms including mobile's iOS and Android while also including Windows Phone and Blackberry. Computer gamers will see it on Mac and PC while console aficionados can enjoy it on their PS4.

Developer, 10tons Ltd. was founded in 2003. Their debut release was Crimsonland which became a cult hit.

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