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December 2015 Retro Gaming Article

December 8, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Tiny Circuits is making a palm-sized arcade cabinet based on a modular Arduino compatible platform

Tiny Circuits can put an arcade in the palm of your hand, but also check out their electronic system of building blocks for makers.
Tiny Arcade If you've ever wanted to have an arcade in your pocket, your first thought may be to install emulators on your smart phone. But what if you wanted something a little more authentic looking? You probably haven't considered putting an arcade cabinet in your pocket, but Tiny Circuits has a Kickstarter campaign for a Tiny Arcade that's just the right size.

As the name suggests, it's tiny, but it has a joystick, 2 buttons and on OLED screen. Behind the scenes is a USB connection and SD card slot. All this is housed in an arcade cabinet that comes in a variety of finishes from wood to acrylic and a slick 3D printed design.

Tiny Arcade The games are reminiscent of golden age games we all love, but this is not a MAME device. The games are designed for this platform, with more available on their website. Some purists may want to play arcade-accurate games, but I think the strength of the Tiny Arcade is it's kit format. While you can get the Tiny Arcade assembled and ready to play, you can also opt for the kit that will present a wonderfully unique project.

We recently discovered some maker-oriented kits at Radioshack designed to spur the maker movement and present creative DIY projects. If you look at the Tiny Circuits website, you'll discover this arcade project is built on a system they've created that offers a modular approach to electronic solutions. They have a components, kits, and tutorials online.

Tiny Arcade As soon as I read their "electronic LEGO" analogy, my eyes lit up. The Tiny Arcade in kit format requires no tools or soldering and would likely be a great project to begin with. I can't speak to the difficulty of Tiny circuits other kits, but they have a lot of info online.

To get the Tiny Arcade kit (or fully assembled unit) go to their Kickstarter campaign. It's already funded, so sign on if their information and presentation appeals to you. It sounds like a great device and I love the idea of having it in kit format. Be sure to check out the Tiny Circuits website for a look at the variety of kits & components they offer. Wind up your brain and make something cool!

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