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April 2015 Retro Gaming Article

April 11, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Twin Blast: Galaxy Shooter brings a fun space-shooter to your Android with a fast-paced EDM

There's no shortage of mobile games. If anything there are way to many of them. How do you choose? How do you find the gems among the flops? It's not easy and I don't have a good solution either. Fortunately, Toolhead Games asked me to check out Twin Blast: Galaxy Shooter!

Twin Blast: Galaxy Shooter for Android Twin Blast: Galaxy Shooter for Android I'm an arcade fanatic from the golden age when there was a lot of innovation and competition. What I love most about Twin Blast: Galaxy Shooter is the controls. Tapping on the screen fires your dual weapons from both sides of your ship while tilting your phone/tablet rotates your aim. This lets you target the asteroids honing in on your centered position. I like that they didn't take the traditional finger-swipe approach - it adds a cool dynamic to the game.

You would think that the dual weapons would make this game too easy. Not true! I'm sure somebody studied the right discipline to properly explain this, but the twin blasting often focuses your attention away from incoming danger. Often it lines up nicely where aiming your right blaster at an asteroid takes out another on the left, but suddenly that alignment doesn't match up and you feel a frenzied panic as you decide which blaster to aim.
pumping music, good controls and arcade shooter fun!

It's worth noting that this isn't a one-trick shooter. Your blast meter measures the power of your blasting and may grant rapid fire bursts or targeted charged blasts among other power-ups. It also has leader boards to chart your scores against other players.

It features a cool background track that serves up a tempo of speed and urgency. Download a copy and get shooting! You can find Twin Blast in the Google Play store.

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