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May 18, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Van Halen rocked the Billboard Music Awards and Internet behavior promptly circled the drain

Van Halen logo Several weeks ago Van Halen reissued 2 of their classic albums, 1978's Van Halen and 1984's 1984 along with a double-CD featuring a live 2013 concert. I loved Van Halen in the 80s - they were the anthem to our arcade madness. Our weekends were all about Trans Ams, Van Halen and cruising from arcade to arcade. Great times!

Like many of the bands I worshiped in my youth, Van Halen has carried on, released albums and gone full circle to uniting with former frontman David Lee Roth. A few days ago I read that Van Halen would be performing at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards show. I'm not a huge fan of awards shows, but I was determined to catch the Van Halen set! Hopefully it would be near the beginning of the telecast.

Han Halen rocked the Billboard Music Awards After her opening video premiere, Taylor Swift announced Van Halen - They were the first act!! It was amazing to see them on stage performing Panama. I saw them once during their 1984 tour, so this was pretty cool - 30 years later. There are a lot of bands out there that are still rocking decades later and I have a world of respect for that. Apparently not everyone shared my enthusiasm.

Across social media, the comments began to fly. Any mention of Van Halen was met with negative comments - tons of them. I'm used to seeing this sort of nonsense, but it was such a rampant hate-fest, even I was surprised.

Han Halen rocked the Billboard Music Awards Van Halen I'll admit that Diamond Dave doesn't have the voice he did 30 years ago and Eddie is 60, but those guys rocked that show! To see such emphatically negative comments reminds me of how social media is little more than a thin shield for cowards who think a Net connection is a soapbox. It may be a marketing gold mine to those who live within the algorithms, but for the average netizen, social media is simply a cesspool of hateful commentary.

It amazes me that these fools have the time to post so much negativity and feel that anyone cares or benefits from it. I have plenty of strong feelings about all sorts of topics. Within retro gaming, there are plenty of games, companies, and personalities I despise. My days are too full to be spreading hate across social media. Who would care anyway?

The sad truth is some people are so angry that they need to spread their hate across every post on every network in the hope that someone else will feel as low as they do. These people need to die in a fire. Dammit! That was negative wasn't it?

Long live Van Halen... and video games!

Taylor Swift's Custom Emoji

In moderately unrelated Billboard award news...
As I mentioned, Swifts new music video for Bad Blood premiered at the start of the Billboard awards, but she was presented with something else - something quite coveted in the online world.

People are manic for emoji - those odd little symbols that we used to make via ascii characters are now rendered. I know nothing about emoji, but I still use :) to create smiley faces and that's enough for me.

Not so for Ms. Swift. In honor of her video, she was bestowed her own custom emoji for the night - after which, I believe, it expires. The hashtag #BadBloodMusicVideo posted a bandaid with a bullet hole - a lyric from her song. More proof that this girl has clout!

Taylor Swift's Bad Blood emoji

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