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June 2015 Retro Gaming Article

June 12, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

This Lyft driver puts retro gaming in your hands during your ride

I don't know a lot about Lyft, Uber, and other "techie-cab" companies outside of articles claiming they are causing chaos for traditional cab companies. Cab driving is an aging profession that doesn't seem to be modernizing with the times. Many businesses that have operated in a certain manner find it difficult to change their ways with the changing times. Tech companies are applying modern ingenuity to make improvements that are likely difficult hurdles for the established cab companies.

VideoLyft is a Lyft driver who offers in-ride video games @VideoLyft followed me on Twitter recently and I took a look at his account to see if I wanted to return the follow. I did!

If you're not familiar with these new age cab companies, they are based online and use mobile apps to match a driver to a person requiring a ride. Just as you might hail a city cab with the wave of your hand, these new companies let you do it with the swipe of a finger.

Companies like Lyft are not your traditional cab companies and neither are their drivers. For one, drivers use there own cars and some of them provide themed rides of various sorts.

Video Lyft is a driver offering a retro gaming ride! With LCD screens in the headrests and a projector for the ceiling display. From classic flicks to retro video games, you can try to get a high score during your ride or sit back and catch part of a movie. This sounds much better than the cab rides I've had in the past.

Video Lyft retro gaming car service VideoLyft's car is outfitted with screens in the headrests and plenty of controllers for riders.
Video Lyft retro gaming car service Doesn't everyone have an N64 in their car? Think of the fun you'd have on this ride. I wouldn't want to leave.

Video Lyft operates in San Francisco, CA. If you're out that way, he sounds like a much better option than the standard cab ride. I'll bet people would pay to be driven around San Fran while they play Street Fighter II or Mario Kart 64. Sounds like a great way to tour the city and have a blast!

Video Lyft retro gaming car service

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