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April 2015 Retro Gaming Article

April 23, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

The Sega CD game, Snatcher is being ported to Virtual Boy in memory of the initial dev

I was an Atari kid and didn't have the money to support games for multiple consoles, so I built a strong bond with my VCS and latter Atari systems. I progressed to Nintendo and remember buying my NES on route to a ski trip in VT. When the VirtualBoy was released I remember seeing it on the shelf and debating whether I should drop that much money on an unproven console.

Snatcher ported to Nintendo's Virtual Boy I couldn't resist and remember thinking that I couldn't pass up something so bizarre! I'm glad I made that decision because the Virtual Boy is such an oddly unique system unlike anything else. It's also a lot of fun!

Part of the joy of retro gaming is doing so on original equipment. An emulator on the computer may allow you to try various Virtual Boy games, but it robs you of immersing yourself inside that flimsy black visor and seeing 3D worlds wrap around you.

Alas, the Virtual Boy was a commercial failure. Amidst allegations of headaches and nausea, Nintendo's 3D wonder was deemed dangerous by many. With a limited life cycle and minimal game library, you might be surprised to know that the Virtual Boy has a vibrant homebrew community. A recent story on Planet Virtual Boy really highlighted the dedication and passion of VrtualBoy fans. Here's the story of a developer's motivation to port Snatcher (Sega CD) to Nintendo's Virtual Boy


Snatcher for Sega CD

Snatcher is a cyberpunk-themed graphic adventure game that was released on several platforms, but the Virtual Boy was not one of them. Snatcher is heavily influenced by the cyberpunk genre and takes place in a futuristic dystopian city. The main character is an investigator named Gillian Seed who's investigating a breed of bioroids known as "snatchers". The Snatchers are killing humans and taking their place in society.

The game play is an interesting first-person perspective with a menu-based interface. You choose from pre-defined options in order to interact with the environment and other characters. If you're not familiar with it or this menu driven genre, checkout a play-through video of Snatcher.

Snatcher Ported to Virtual Boy by a Fan

Snatcher ported to Nintendo's Virtual Boy This is where our tale takes a sad turn. Apparently, a developer entered a coding competition with a great deal of excitement about porting Snatcher to the Virtual Boy. Not long after, his online posts stopped. A year later, another developer learned that Snatcher's original dev has died. He was struck by this and decided to research the game and continue it's port to the Virtual Boy.

You can download the current Snatcher for Virtual Boy demo on Planet Virtual Boy and check out this game play video. Just when you think you're the only one who loves a particular element of retro gaming, there's bound to be a whole fan-base who love it just as much. Seeing the vitality of users on Plante VB reminds me of the passion we all have for our favorite game or console. It's a great feeling!

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