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March 2015 Retro Gaming Article

March 2, 2015 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Walter White is dating Sam Puckett and tells her suitor to back off! #TomodachiLife

Walter White mii I have an odd infatuation with Tomodachi Life on my Nintendo 2DS. It's really not the sort of game I typically enjoy, but I have found it a lot of fun. Part of it is the ability to add celebrity Miis to my island and see how they randomly interact.

Jeannette McCurdy mii I should have taken some screen shots, but this scene rolled out so quickly I didn't even think about it. Mike D. from the Beastie Boys got divorced from former Nickelodeon star Jeannette McCurdy. I've had several divorces before, but never a reconciliation. Today, Mike D. said he wanted to get back together with her and asked "me" to talk to her. Jeannette appeared on the screen acknowledging Mike D's intentions.

Mike D mii She disappeared from the screen and Mike D walked in from the right side. Seconds later Walter White emerges from the left, approaches Mike D, and states that HE is dating Jeannette and that he hopes Mike will be "cool with that".

I was totally expecting Walt to pull a knife and spill Mike's guts, while telling him to remember his name. It was pretty surreal for a Nintendo game. I still manage to get caught up in the celebrity and forget that Miis are pretty harmless. Still, I was thinking I should change Mike's name and move him to a new apartment. Ya know... just in case.

Mike D is still alive, so I'm assuming he backed off. I guess Walt and Jesse won't have to kill Mike D. Phew!

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