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October 2016 Retro Gaming Article

October 7, 2016 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Desert Trip delivers a retro rock concert with bands from The Rolling Stones to The Who

Desert Trip
If attendees abide by the numerous rules and behavioral expectations, they'll get to see an amazing retro rock concert!
With lodging available at the Empire Polo Club, the generation that once screamed along with The Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan on anthems about rebellion will now enjoy those anthems while eating gourmet meals after yoga class. The Desert Trip music festival kicks off today in Indio, California, featuring the Stones and Dylan tonight, Paul McCartney and Neil Young tomorrow and Roger Waters and The Who on Sunday. This is going to be a once-in-a-lifetime retro tock concert in the desert!

Desert Trip arcade In perusing the website and online newsletter, it seems evident that the show organizers know your parents quite well. The promotional material is riddled with rules and regulations! Before they even hint at the amazing opportunity to see legendary bands all on one stage or the sheer fun they'll have - the site is besieged with behavioral standards and expectations. Finally, someone is telling your Mom & Dad to be on their best behavior!

If they want to relive the glory days and "camp out", they can, but among the amenities are $10,000 air-conditioned tents, morning yoga and Pilates classes, gourmet meals paired with wine, places to charge smartphones, an organic farmers market, and an arcade. The Desert Trip site notes that typical concert food will be available for those who just want a hot dog.

Whether you grew up listening to these bands for decades or remember your parents playing their albums, the opportunity to see these six legendary acts all on one stage over a long weekend is nothing short of epic! A second weekend was added and if you can get there, this sounds like an amazing event that is as unique as it is bold!

Desert Trip artist list I'd love to have attended this weekend-long concert just to say I'd seen all these incredible performers brought together at one event. If your parents are attending, don't worry about them. This event promises stern supervision and if they misbehave, they'll be promptly sent back to their room... at the Empire Polo Club!

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