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February 2016 Retro Gaming Article

February 23, 2016 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

At the Mega Man Legacy Collection release, my local GameStop had Mega Man playing on an NES

Mega Man NES screen
I almost fell over when I saw an NES set up on a table at GameStop!
I was hoping to be able to play the Mega Man Legacy Collection on the living room TV, but getting 6 games with some great extra features on my 2DS will do just fine. I was jealous of the earlier digital releases, announced last Summer, but was relieved to know a 3DS version was coming. Maybe I'll pick up a PS4 down the road, but I'd love to have MMLC on my Wii U.

Imagine my surprise when I stopped at GameStop after work and found a table set up with an NES and several Mega Man carts! My local GameStop has apparently done this for other classic releases, but this is the first time I've encountered retro gaming in GameStop. It almost brought me back to my days of stalking Funcoland for Atari and Nintendo carts.

Mega Man demo at GameStop GameStop always comes off as a very corporate entity. Not the sort of place that would tolerate nostalgic gamers loitering around a card table waiting to play old NES games. But there it was... an NES and an invite to sit for a round!
You can see the gold amiibo, from the Collector's Edition, in the background.
Mega Man demo at GameStop It restores some of my faith in humanity to find a GameStop employee who will bring in his own NES and let old guys like me revel in the notion that others out there crave retro gaming experiences... and shop at GameStop.

The NES being used at this store had been modified to play (make the proper connection) without having to depress the tray. That's one way to outsmart failing 72-pin connections. I loved that original box, but the top loader seemed like a much better design. I'm glad it carried over to the SNES. I've read that the original NES took in the whole game cart to imitate the concept behind VCR tapes.

Having already bought the standard Mega Man amiibo I opted not to get the bundle with the gold amiibo. Much like the Chibi Robo Zip Lash release, this Mega Man release with the amiibo is something I hope will continue with future releases.

I love releases like this! Just like finding arcade favorites on a PlayStation disc in the late '90s, the modern equivalent can offer things like the Challenge Mode allowing a remix of game play from all six games. Very cool! Virtual Console keeps titles alive, but special releases like this really gives then new life!

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