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September 2016 Retro Gaming Article

September 21, 2016 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Check out the title list for Retro-bit Generations- an upcoming multi-platform game console

Retro-bit Generations
While most retro consoles focus on a single platform, Retro-bit Generations offers built-in games from several retro consoles from arcade to NES, SNES, and GameBoy!
Due out this Fall, Retro-bit Generations next console features over 100 retro games from a variety of platforms. We've grown accustomed to AtGames releasing Flashback consoles specific to Atari, Coleco, and Intellivision. Generations will have built-in games, but from a variety of different consoles.

That's a pretty cool concept, especially with a new crop of Flashback consoles, the Analogue Mini, RetroUSB's AVS and Nintendo's NES Classic Edition. Outside the flexibility of single board computers, like Raspberry Pi and Pine 64, you don't really find prepackaged consoles catering to a variety of platforms. The Retron5 has several cart slots, but the built-in game consoles typically stick to a single platform.

Retro-bit's Generations has an SD slot for games saves, HDMI output, and Genesis-style controllers. There's always something new happening in gaming - especially retro gaming! Check out the list of games for Generations.

Retro-bit Generations Game List:

Retro-bit Generations game list

Retro-bit Generations While the consoles with built-in games are a bit more limiting than those with cartridge slots, the internal guts of these consoles reveal the most about them. for example the Analogue ini employs an FPGA to achieve NES compatibility. This is preferable to the common emulators used by many clones. Emulation often results in inconsistent playback of some games. Often there can be color and sound oddities not seen on original consoles.

There's not a lot of info about Generations on Retro-bit's website. I hope more tech details will be posted soon.

Nov 20 update:
Now that the Generations console has been released and it available on Amazon, it's in the hands of more gamers and the reports don't impress. Many are saying they experience substantial lag using the devices USB controllers. This has been cited by many people regarding the more complex games, saying the lag is less noticeable on the console games. One person said they tried the controller on a PC and experienced no lag, suggesting the issue is with the Generation's onboard emulator.

We don't have a Generations unit to try, but we suggest doing some research before jumping on this one.

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