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March 2017 Retro Gaming Article

March 4, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Level 257 announces "rad reconstruction" efforts are adding space, advancements, and amusements

8-Bit magic at Level257 restaurant
I respect an amusement destination expanding to add additional enhancements including more 8-bit games!
Level257 restaurant We first heard of Level 257, a Pac-Man inspired entertainment restaurant, in late 2014. Backed by Namco and designed with a Pac-Man aesthetic, it's a very cool dining & gaming destination in the Chicago suburbs.

They keep their mailing list up-to-date, but a recent newsletter spoke of expansion to add both space, technology, and more games. What caught my attention was the mention of both Joust and Rally-X!

They adhere to their Pac-Man roots in the 80s by offering both new and classic arcade games. Seeing them tout 2 classic titles in their announcement really cements a commitment to games from Pac-Man's era in the early 1980s.

Level257 restaurant

Level257 restaurant

Level257 restaurant

If your gaming destination offers food and games, visit Level 257 - we think you'll be very impressed. With the decline of arcades, destinations with an 8-bit theme are a welcome sight.

Level 257 has been created on a truly grand scale. It takes an evening of fun to an epic level whether you're hanging out with friends or team-building with your coworkers. I love this model as an entertainment destination.

From Level 257's website:
Level 257 is a stylish and unique place to eat, drink and socialize. While the massive 42,000 square foot playground was inspired by PAC-MAN, the experience is playfully sophisticated. Think Date Night. BNO. GNO. Work Parties (the fun kind).

257 conjures a level beyond the infamous PAC-MAN 'kill screen'. It's unexplored territory. And it's the brainchild of the great, playful and audacious minds at Namco USA Inc. While the company is known for arcade games, Level 257 is the anti-arcade. It is all about the next level of socialization. And yes, there are video games - both classic and new - that add to the ambiance.

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