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September 2017 Retro Gaming Article

September 22, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Magic Door is an interactive game you can play with Alexa, via Amazon's Echo

Magic Door - an interactive game for Amazon's Echo
Much like the "Choose Your Adventure" books, Magic Door lets you explore several fantasy realms by interacting with Amazon's Echo.
Many of the Echo's utility comes from issuing commands to Alexa, Amazon's digital assistant, whose voice will deliver news snippets, update your shopping list, or turn on a light. While I adore my Echo Dot, the relationship doesn't go too deep.

Magic Door is a skill for Alexa (and Google Home) that elevates your digital helper to new deeper levels. Rather than simply demanding info from Alex's database, you can have an interactive experience and navigate a fantasy world with your voice!

In today's world of 60 frame-per-second video games and instant gratification via the internet, you may think such an adventure might be a bit plain and dull by comparison. Not at all! Magic Door lets you have fun with Alexa as she takes you through a vivid world where you can choose how you progress. We recently tried Jagex Games' RuneScape, also an interactive Echo experience, and the two follow similar ideas.

Magic Door seems oriented towards younger kids and RuneScape has more advanced/detailed stories. RuneScape lets you save your adventure to continue later and has more variety in the voices. Magic Door uses Alexa as the primary narrator and her monotone voice doesn't always do justice to the tone of the tales. However, both are fun with a group of people... not necessarily just kids.

These are fun games that may seem like simple endeavors, but they offer a good deal of sophistication and engagement. Give Magic Door a whirl and see how you think it compares with RuneScape. The depth they bring to Amazon's Echo is a nice change from the otherwise brief one-way conversations.

If you ever read Choose Your Adventure books, these games might bring back some fun memories and let you share the experience with kids and/or friends.

From the Magic Door website:
The Magic Door, LLC, founded by Laura and Andy in July 2017, now continues to release new interactive stories inside The Magic Door and also works with partners to launch interactive stories on Alexa and Google Assistant/Google Home using the Magic Door's software platform.

Magic Door's map "Alexa, open The Magic Door".

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