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March 2017 Retro Gaming Article

March 27, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Uncover the mysteries at the Abbey of St Elspeth, in Jagex Games' RuneScape, via Amazon's Alexa

RuneScape Quests - One Piercing Note
Taking a familiar gaming style to a new medium, this is a cool implementation of Alexa that we hope will broaden. She's fun!
I've come to rely on Amazon's Echo Dot to manage my shopping & to-do lists. And I'm always seeking current weather info and the traffic report. My son and I often prompt Alexa to generate farting sounds, so as a family, we've come to dig what she does. I haven't delved too deep, but I love what Echo has facilitated for us so far.

We're glad Alexa took a utility break for some RPG fun!
As I peruse the list of skills available via our digital assistant from Amazon, I'm stunned by the insane number of useless marketing ploys listed as "skills". Some of it is such shameless marketing, I'm astounded Bezos allows this trash on his revolutionary little device. A skill should have at least some utility (even though we laugh at the fart sounds).

Today I discovered Alexa has a fun side I had not expected. She will take you through an interactive mystery via Runescape. That's a skill we've not yet seen before. If you've ever played Zork and typed in directional commands, this is similar and uses your voice to make choices that direct the storyline.

During our first session, RuneScape Quests - One Piercing Note was a lot of fun, and it's a very unique experience via Echo Dot's aural delivery. So far the story is more developed and rich than I had expected. I found it very engaging and without any visual reference, I became very intrigued with the tale and how my choices might alter the experience.

After becoming accustomed to barking orders or seeking random facts, this is a cool direction to go with Alexa. If you like RPGs like Zork, this is delightfully unique and we hope to see more such interaction from Jagex Games and Alexa!

RuneScape Quests - One Piercing Note "Hey Alexa... Play RuneScape!"

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