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March 2017 Retro Gaming Article

March 8, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Atari's licensing department authorized 3 arcade titles to become board games this Fall

Atari board games
Many arcade games were made into board games in the 80s and are very collectable today. I'm interested to see these modern versions!
As much as I love video games across a variety of platforms - both old and new - I still have fond memories of board games and love playing them. From old classics like Monopoly and Water Works to newer finds like Zombie Dice and Pandemic, the tactile feel and turn-based game play bring back memories and make new ones. My son and I always play board games together.

I've never encountered any board games based on my favorite 89's era video games. I see them online fairly often, but have never sought them out. In all honesty, I'm not convinced these games have any bearing on their namesakes other than visual tie-ins. Just as we see in the video game industry, there are plenty of awful board games. I've always assumed many of those "arcade board games" are much too loosely tied to the video game counterparts I shoved quarters into. I could be wrong :)

According to ICv2, three classic Atari titles are slated to become board games this Fall, via IDW Games, starting with Centipede. Asteroids and Missile Command will follow after. I'd be stoked to pick up 3 Atari board games for Christmas. We shall see!

IDW Games' mock up of a Missile Command board game

IDW Games' mock up of a Centipede board game IDW Games' mock up of a Centipede board game.
IDW Games' mock up of an Asteroids board game IDW Games' mock up of a Missile Command board game.

For the Atari enthusiasts out there who adore Atari with blind passion (I'm one of you). Lets remember the amazing game company we grew up with is now a fondly remembered brand owned by a holding company. They license the "Atari" name for a variety of products as revenue generating business model. Atari the innovative game company is no more.

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