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September 2017 Retro Gaming Article

September 26, 2017 Retro Gaming Blog Post:

Atari released a bit more info about Ataribox and confirmed indiegogo crowd funding

The Ataribox game console with partial screen shot
It's never good news when a manufacturer releases limited information surrounded by ambiguity.
Another blast of limited info came from the Ataribox mailing list this morning. There was also an Instagram post showing what looks like a game selection screen.

Previously we'd been shown renders of what the Ataribox might look like. Today's email began with pictures of prototype consoles both in wood-grain and Vader styles. They also confirmed indiegogo will be their crowd funding platform. Many feel that Kickstarter is the preferred way to go. I'm much more comfortable with Kickstarter, but that's simply the site I've used more often.

The Ataribox will run on Linux and be a somewhat open platform, powered by an AMD customized processor with Radeon Graphics technology. Atari is still holding back a lot of info that I would want before even considering this console. As much as I love what Atari was, their current state is frustrating.

Ataribox It's a nice looking console, but it will take more than looks to charm gamers into spending $250 or more.
Ataribox It would be nice to see a picture of the controller. Doesn't that seem like something Atari would want to share with prospective backers?

For #300, I can buy a Switch, PS4, or Xbox One. All of these systems offer online games via eShops as well as the ability to play physical media. Currently, Atari is presenting a console that relies on a library of built-in games from Atari and other developers. It seems focused on classic 2600 games, which has been aptly handled by the AtGames Flashback consoles for the last several years. It doesn't appear to accept any form of physical media.

Does it have a controller? I'll bet it does. Can we see it, Atari? Not yet... it would seem. Nothing about this project is alluring. It's frustrating and circling the drain. Atari Flashbacks let me enjoy a rich sampling of 2600 games for $50 (often less). If the Ataribox has the ability to play other Atari console games from the 5200, 7800, Lynx, or Jaguar libraries, that would be swell, but not for $250. They say there will be "tons" of games. OK.

Where's Nolan Bushnell, with an insanely awesome concept, when we need him!

The Ataribox email info released this morning:
Ataribox: More pics and news!
Thanks for your patience & support so far.
Today we're sharing brand new pics, more on what's inside, & more info on launch.

The pictures we're sharing today are of first prototypes. Everyone that has seen Ataribox first-hand loves it, feeling the Atari 2600 influence, while still being a modern design.

Ataribox will be powered by an AMD customized processor, with Radeon Graphics technology. It'll run Linux, with a customized, easy-to-use user interface. This approach means that as well as being a great gaming device, Ataribox is also a full PC experience for the TV, bringing you streaming, applications, social, browsing, music, and more.

Most TV devices have closed systems and content stores. Linux lets us be more open; you can access & customise the OS, & you can access games you've bought from other content platforms (if compatible with the OS and HW).

There will be tons of classic Atari retro games pre-loaded, & current titles from a range of studios (we'll start talking titles very soon, stay tuned).

We're launching Ataribox on Indiegogo this fall (read: pretty soon). To reiterate why: we want you, the Atari community, to be part of this launch. We want you to have early access, grab special editions (& pricing) and to have you as active partners in the rollout of Ataribox. We want you to be part of the story.

We plan on shipping late Spring 2018, with an expected price range of $249-$299 (depending on specific editions & memory configurations).

Hope you like what we are sharing today, and are ready for lots more in the weeks ahead.

The Ataribox team.

PS: To confirm what many of you have asked: the Wood Edition is made with real wood ;)
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